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Some of the best areas to advertise, can be the hardest to reach, this is where Advan advertising and digital advan advertising quite simply work best! Advan advertising is one of the most popular media platforms for our clients, able to reach huge audiences in City Centre locations, major arterial routes, in addition to large footfall locations such as retail and leisure parks and supermarkets. Sometimes your business may need to target audiences in a very specific area or in a location to fit the needs of your business and this is what Digital Ad-van Advertising can help you do, sending out a strong, specific message out to any potential customers.

A wide variety of mobile advans, from 48 sheet single sided to fully animated digital displays, offer a whole host of options for your budget. Mobile Advan Advertising is gathering pace and so could your campaign, contact PMA Outdoor today!


Why Digital Advan Advertising?

Digital Advan Advertising is exactly what the name implies, parked in a certain location; a van will display an advertisement or message out to customers, in order to target specific people, based on factors like area, class and popularity of the area. Here at PMA Outdoor, we can get your Digital Ad-van Advertising campaign up and running, whilst allowing you all the flexibility and control to ensure that the advertisement is perfect for both you and your business.

There is a big, noticeable difference between a good quality advan and a poor advan. A low quality advan will be blatantly ignored, these are most normally just a simple low quality projection onto the back of a van, but we can provide you with a modern digital advan in order to advertise successfully. You can send a big, bold message to your customers on a digital, LED screen, perfect display to be seen or you could place it outside your store or workplace for enhanced digital signage. There is more than that, as you can target specific products to specific people, for example you may decide to advertise a coffee on a motorway, as many drivers may need these as a boost.

PMA Outdoor have been operating in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire areas for many years and with all this time in the industry we have a lot of experience and knowledge to share with you. Feel more than welcome to contact our team, via telephone at: 0161 973 3972.


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