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Billboard Advertising offers a big opportunity for your business. Ranging from classic 6 sheet, 48 sheets all the way up to 96 sheet hoardings, they provide a vast amount of options. With over 45,000 6-sheet panels available in the UK, billboard advertising gives the greatest reach of any out of home format, and access to over 37 million adults per fortnight means billboards can cover all bases and all budgets.

PMA Outdoor specialises in the presentation of outdoor media in many different formats and we aim to provide the most exceptional customer satisfaction, to bring out the best in your businesses.


Why 48 sheet Billboard Advertising?

Outdoor advertising has rapidly become one of the most desirable and memorable forms of advertising, bypassing the old-fashioned advertisements of print and digital media, attracting customers from all around, with one of the most popular forms being a 48 sheet billboard poster. PMA Outdoor specialise in the outdoor advertising arena, so you couldn’t be working with anyone better, as our prices are very reasonable and worthy of any long-term investment. We can help you through the designing, planning, purchasing and set-up process, to ensure that you have the best opportunity possible of effectively marketing your brand and products.

Standing at around 3 metres high and 6 metres wide, a traditional 48 sheet billboard poster is made to present a large advertisement, to really be an eye-catching and memorable form of advertising, in the hope of bringing in hundreds of local customers. The most important part of a 48 sheet billboard poster is the design, as for the size it is absolutely vital that it is unique and sets you apart from any competition. Our 48 sheet billboard posters are made to last for an extended amount of time, being made to withstand any weather conditions, so this isn’t just a simple short term investment, it is specially made to be engraved into the minds of a passer-by. Location is another vital factor, as these flourish in town and city centres or on the way to a place which attracts a lot of people, such as shopping centres.

Here at PMA Outdoor, we can help you give your business a lot more personality with one of our 48 sheet billboard posters, known for their reliability and powerful message, hence the importance on their design. For further inquiries, please contact us via telephone at: 0161 973 3972.


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