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Black cabs are a quintessential part of British life, and impossible not to notice. Taxi advertising covers every major city in the UK, taxis are an iconic, hyper visual way to promote your business. When you think of Britain, one of the first things which comes to mind is taxis. Taxi ads are a very useful way of targeting people across a small geographical area, such as around a county or borough, as taxis will be driving through many populated cities, airports, and a lot of towns in your local area.

From full taxi wraps, supersides, interiors and rear windows, taxis advertising offers a bespoke opportunity to get your service seen by a premium, engaged audience in busy towns and cities across the UK.


Why Taxi Advertising?

Taxi advertisements are the most popular way to go as 81% of people spontaneously recalled seeing a specific brand on a taxi, and this all down to the design; made to stand out, taking up most of your view of the taxi and flourishing with bright colours. Despite what you may believe from your typical superside advertisement wraps, there are many ways to advertise with a taxi, making its mobility all the more convenient.

If you want to make a big, bold statement we would recommend a full taxi wrap, as it will definitely make your brand more recognisable and give it a much larger public image, especially among the locals. Need advice on your outdoor advertising? We are here to help get your taxi advertising campaign up and running. We also offer advertising within the interior of the taxi, as passengers will presumably just be staring into space, so why not take advantage of this and sell your products and services to them?

PMA Outdoor are ready to help you build awareness and the reputation of your business, in the hope of a nifty return on customer leads. We specialise in outdoor advertising campaigns and have a wealth of knowledge in both advertising and graphic design, which will only benefit you and your business.

Advantages of Taxi Advertising

When it comes to flexibility in your outdoor advertising, hackney taxis tick every box, being a very cost-efficient and effective way of advertising. Operating as a hyper visual format of advertising, the colours and design are the key components of an effective taxi advertising campaign. Our team at PMA Outdoor can help you through the whole planning, designing, and advertising process. We will ensure that you get the best quality advertisements possible in the hope of driving in customers, along with giving your business more of a personality and presence within the areas you wish to cover. It is important to take make the most of how mobile taxis are, they’ll be going through towns, cities, airports, generally well populated areas and it is important to keep this in mind, as your reputation within the local area and beyond is absolutely vital to your success.

Another advantage is that there are many different formats to choose from, both internally and externally, and very flexible for your budget, as it depends on how many cars, how long the campaign is and how much space it will be taking up. As aforementioned, hackney taxi advertising campaigns are made to be hyper visual often having colourful yet simple designs, bringing an eye-catching quality to your advertisement. They can also bring a formality, a reliability to your business as established business are known to frequently advertise on these, so it puts you with some prestige company, being a lot more beneficial if they’re in different industries.

Contact our team, PMA Outdoor are eager to help you today with your very own advertising campaigns, as we have a lot of experience in this field and our experience will only benefit you, as we know exactly how to help you, whilst allowing you to maintain complete creative control.


The Stats

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