Bus Advertising

Bus Advertising

On the Buses - Strategic Bus Advertising

Looking to launch a bus advertising campaign in a specific town or city? Or just wanting a big and bold way to boost your brand? One of the most popular forms of advertising which we all come across daily is bus advertising, most often seen promoting blockbuster films and products on conglomerates. Millions of people use public transport on a day to day basis here in the UK, with buses being one of the most popular forms of transport. As a result, you are sure to target a lot of people in and around towns and cities.

The size, scale and potential reach of classic bus advertising takes a campaign to the masses at a surprisingly cost-effective rate. Choose from a wide selection of options such as; bus rears, bus supersides and bus t sides.


Why Bus Advertising?

There are many different formats of bus advertising, both interior and exterior, from the full advertisement wrap used to promote an upcoming brand to a simpler, smaller format designed to send a quick snappy message to customers. Passengers will be staring into spaces during their journey so advertisements within the exterior are a lot more useful than you think, as they are most likely to look at the advertisement and absorb it rather than just look into open space. Take control of your bus advertising campaign to target a specific yet wider demographic, bus advertising is reasonable and cost-efficient whilst giving you flexibility, both creatively and format-wise.

We offer a wide range of different formats for bus advertising, along with plenty of other forms of outdoor media advertising, in order for you to get the best out of your business, to really help give you a presence and gain even more customers. The friendly team at PMA Outdoor can help your advertising campaigns get up and running, helping you throughout the planning, designing and advertising process whilst allowing you to maintain complete creative control to make your vision become a reality.

PMA Outdoor specialise in outdoor advertising and have an exceptional track record, due to our wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and advertising, so feel free to contact our friendly team here at PMA Outdoor, via telephone at: 0161 973 3972.

Advantages of Bus Advertising

On a daily basis, millions upon millions view and absorb bus advertisements, so it is clear to see that bus ads bring a lot of awareness and brand recognition to a business, which can be handy, no matter the size of a company or product. PMA Outdoor specialise in outdoor media and advertising, along with having a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing, so you couldn’t be in safer hands, becoming a very successful business ourselves in and around the UK. Our friendly team here are always ready to help you get your advertising campaign off the ground and fortunately for you, we specifically specialise in public transport advertising wraps.

As aforementioned, bus advertisements bring a lot of awareness and brand recognition to your business, if your target audience sees your brand, logo and message over and over again, there is a very high chance that you’ll gain a frequent customer, as this familiarity creates a welcoming bridge between customer and company. You are also able to specifically target audiences, as well as exposing your business to as many people travelling around as possible. This is because your advertisements are placed on specific bus routes, working in your favour, and if you’d like, your advertisement can be shown on buses throughout towns, cities and airports in the UK, giving you a lot of control.

Bus Adverts are hyper visual as they are launched on a large scale to catch your eye and stand out with features such as bright colours or a simple, memorable design. PMA Outdoor are ready to set your business off on the right track in marketing, as we can assure you that we can find a design and a way of advertising which sends out the best possible message for your business, no matter how big or small, no matter the budget and no matter how specific your needs and expectations.


The Stats

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recall a bus ad they have seen in the last week.

of All UK Adults

(30m people), have seen advertising on a bus in the last week.

of UK’s ABC1s

have seen bus advertising in the last week.

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