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School, College, Sixth Form and University Advertising Campiagns

Creating impactful advertising campaigns that promote your college or advertise your school. If you’re looking to grow parental awareness in your school or colleges catchment area, then we have the perfect solution for you. Advertising! More specifically, outdoor advertising!

We work with almost 60 teams throughout the UK. Our combined knowledge means that when it comes to planning targeted, impactful campaigns we can create those campaigns that in turn deliver clear measured results!


Why choose PMA Outdoor for School, College and University Advertising?

With our advert panels placed in specific positions around the local communities, our advertising has helped schools, colleges and universities around the country. We work with you with the aim of improving public perception, as well as raising awareness and drastically increasing open day attendance.

This style of outdoor advertising has the tendency to blend into the background more, it creates more of a natural and engaging ad for younger audiences. This combined with a powerful message can create a winning combination when it comes to engaging people. Our teams push themselves and their experience to the limit to deliver multi-platform, cost effective advertising campaigns that quite simply, work.

Mobile billboard campaigns, bus advertising, billboards and rail advertising are just some of the platforms that we can used to deliver your message. If you have an advertising campaign, or an open event you would like help with, then please get in touch with one of our team today. Every single one of the campaigns that we create are fully tailored around your needs.


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To launch your campaign and begin engaging with hard to reach urban audiences, contact one of our PMA Outdoor media specialists.


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