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Fully Animated Digital Billboard in Bolton

Digital billboards are a growing medium offering flexibility, immediacy and interactivity. We have access to over 1000 digital billboards throughout the UK allowing you to creatively engage with your audience and give your digital billboard campaign the greatest impact. Digital billboards provide the flexibility for you to change your message, as frequently as required so that you can communicate effectively in real time. Here at PMA we have our own digital billboards in Bolton, Greater Manchester and Liverpool, so keep an eye on our news page for further developments.

PMA Outdoor were lucky enough to introduce Bolton’s first Digital Billboard, located on Lower Bridgeman Street, thanks to our success operating in and around the Manchester area.


Why Advertise on Bolton's first Digital Billboard?

Standing at six-by-four-metre high, our high definition digital billboard has helped bring a well-needed modern look to Bolton Town Centre and has lit up the surroundings. PMA Outdoor specialise in outdoor media advertising and we are very popular for our capabilities and services across Greater Manchester, helping build up many local business by driving customers in, thanks to our help and their designs – always giving you complete creative control to best fit even your most specific of needs.

It is important to us that our local community can also benefit from our growth as a business, making it all the better to be a part of the revitalisation of Bolton Town Centre, so now it’s time to focus on your businesses. PMA Outdoor have many different ways to sell your business to potential customers, giving you a lot of control and flexibility when working with us, as we’ll ensure that you maintain full creative control yet having our ideas, our support and our experience there ready to help when needed. Our most popular and desirable formats of advertising are our public transport advertising wraps and billboard advertisements, most popular for a reason! These advertisements will be seen by the most amount of potential customers for your business, whilst still be able to target even the most specific and niche of a target market.

If your business is wanting to advertise on the Bolton Digital Billboard, contact our friendly team at: 0161 973 3972 and we will be eager to help you get your advertising campaigns up and running today, as we can help you through the planning, designing and advertising process to ensure that your business is on the right track.


The Stats - Digital billboard campaign has the highest reach of all national OOH formats

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read a national daily newspaper

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are light TV viewers

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have listened to commercial radio in the last week

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have seen outdoor advertising in the last week

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