Our Quick Guide to Bus Stop Advertising

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Our Quick Guide to Bus Stop Advertising

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At PMA Outdoor, we’ve found that many of our national clients enjoy huge success through bus stop advertising. This is because bus stop billboards and digital bus stop advertising can be found in villages, towns, and cities in every region of the country.

Therefore, making bus stop advertising the perfect advertising medium for businesses striving to deliver their message effectively and efficiently across the UK.

PMA Outdoor have access and the network to plan bus stops geographically for nationwide reach. Plus, bus stop shelter advertising content that gets the right message to the public.

What is bus stop advertising?

A bus stop advertisement is literally advertising content that surrounds or is attached to a bus stop or bus shelter. Bus Stop advertisements offer exposure to local commuters, drivers, and pedestrians.

Bus stop advertisements act as moving billboards that are typically displayed on the bus exterior and come in a variety of sizes and high-impact formats to reach your audience.

There are only two types of bus stop adverts, that being digital bus stop advertising which offers bright colourful advertising with the option for multiple messages. Or Adshel, like billboard advertising, are a more static poster type artwork.

How do you advertise on a bus stop?

Bus stop advertising can achieve targeted awareness and is easily combined with other advertising formats such as billboards and buses giving maximum exposure to pedestrian and vehicular traffic in busy urban areas.

Let us help you with your Bus Stop advertising, with some tips and tricks for the effective use of bus stop advertising in your campaigns:

  • Visual Bus Ads

Bus stop advertising catches people in a rare moment of downtime Thus, a bus advertisement can be a welcome distraction at this point. So, it’s wise to plan your campaign to be eye-catching and thought provoking by spending some of your time thinking about creative ways you can engage with your audience.

A bus stop advertisement will be read and scrutinised by passengers waiting for a bus. This is a great opportunity to foster engagement. Social Media and QR codes are just some of the strategies available to a sassy marketer.

  • Local Bus Routes

The fact that bus stops are found in rural and urban areas makes them a perfect way to roll out location-specific media campaigns. When planning your bus stop campaign, you can pull up a map of available bus stop ad space or target demographics within geographical parameters.

  • National Bus Stop Adverts

In contradistinction to running localised campaigns, marketers can exploit the nationwide bus network to launch a national bus stop advertising campaign. Clear Channel have 35,000 bus stop advertising panels across the country which are viewed 212 million times every two weeks. That’s some serious exposure.

Your campaign requirements and your target audience could be anywhere in the UK and we can help you reach any city in the United Kingdom, at any time.

  • Takeover the Bus Stop

The modern bus stop with shelter offers a closed-off space for you to engage with the public and is almost like a theatre, although on a much smaller scale for your messaging. Most bus stops only have two ad panels, so if you book them both, you have taken over the space for your brand and are able to engage with a captive audience.

  • How effective is bus stop advertising?

Advertising at bus stops is a great way to target a local audience. On the other hand, nationwide campaigns deliver excellent reach.

How much does it cost to advertise on a bus stop UK?

Well, it’s hard to put a figure on it without knowing the size of the campaign. Small scale bus stop advertising costs start from around £130.00 per week. PMA Outdoor plan your campaign selecting the most appropriate advertising opportunities, creating maximum impact and results. Then book all available Bus Stop positions anywhere in the U.K.

Alongside, the shelter campaign you will also need to think about artwork, graphics, and content writing. These services also come at a cost, but it’s good to know we can help with that too!

Give us a call to discuss your opportunities and how to best reach your potential target market by bus shelter advertising in the U.K.

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