Why Choose Advertising on Busses

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Why Choose Advertising on Busses

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Advertising on busses is a big and bold way to guarantee that you get a fantastic reach when advertising. Not only can a bus advertising campaign be massively affordable depending on the size, area and run time of the campaign, it can also ensure your business, product or service is viewed by all types of audiences. Including men and women of various age groups.

Benefits of bus advertising uk

There are many benefits to bus advertising in the uk. Firstly, whether you opt for local bus advertising or decide to increase your budget and go for London bus advertising, you can be certain that you’ll be noticed by many passers-by. Millions of people come into contact with bus advertisements a day.

You can’t ignore it

Regardless of if you’re a pedestrian, driver, or a passenger, it’s highly likely that you’ll come into contact with a bus advertising campaign as you go about your daily life. 86% of consumers can recall a bus advertisement that they have seen within the last week. This may be due to the fact that, unlike tv or radio, you cannot simply turn it off.

Most of us find ourselves switching programs on tv or pressing skip on a YouTube video in order to avoid advertisements. However, with bus advertising, you are guaranteed to reach an audience regardless of if they want to view it or not.

Bus advertising demands the viewer’s attention

Thanks to large, vibrant, and innovative designs it becomes difficult for your advertisement to be overlooked. How big and eye-catching your advertisement is, may depend of the size of your budget. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to place an advertisement on a bus and not have it reach anyone’s attention!

You can easily reach target audiences

As we have aforementioned, a bus advertising campaign can reach people from all walks of life as it travels from A to B on a bus route. However, with some clever research and careful planning, you can ensure you easily reach your ideal target audience.

By opting for advertising on busses in specific areas or on specific bus routes you are able to reach your target audience without difficulty, as well as other passers-by. For example, if you want your bus advertisement to be seen by teenagers, you may choose a route that is heavily frequented by high school attendees.

Ways that you can advertise on a bus

There are many ways that you can go about advertising on busses. From bus side advertising on the exterior to placing an ad within the interior of the bus.

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