What is an example of outdoor advertising media?

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What is an example of outdoor advertising media?

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Once you step outside of your home you will become immersed in a world of Outdoor Advertising. Forms of Outdoor Advertising will vary from your bold LED billboards to a more subtle promotional poster to hook you in. PMA Outdoors are outdoor advertising specialists, who are based in Greater Manchester.

Just by walking down the street you will see advertising on taxis, buses, bus stops and telephone boxes. Local organisations and companies will certainly advertise on these, detailing important local information. For instance you will most often see local universities, colleges, health care services all advertised.

Nowadays Outdoor Advertising is often separated into two groups which are traditional and digital advertising. Traditional refers to your typical outdoor print advertising, like transport advertisements and billboards. Digital of course refers to your LED format, for instance ad-vans and modern billboards.

Which is the most common form of outdoor advertising?

Billboards continue to be the most popular form of outdoor advertising, due to format. Usually a wide canvas in well populated, busy urban settings like city centres. There are so many different ways in which a billboard can be presented, all varying in size.

Firstly, your huge billboard affair will send a direct message to potential customers who will acknowledge it on sheer size. Choose from a 4 sheet, 8 sheets, 48 sheets and 96 sheets, depending on your preference. These can be freestanding, on buildings, on vehicles, all in different styles.

An advantage of a traditional billboard over a digital is that it will always be there. Throughout the whole time of paying for that space, your advertisement will be visible 24/7. This is opposed to digital billboards which will change and are at risk of power cuts.

What are various types of outdoor advertising?

Another popular means of outdoor advertising is advertising vans (ad-vans). These can be placed or even drove anywhere across the country, which can be ideal for supply companies. However, you often see these in retail parks or city centres to inform customers about a new deal or product.

So, what is the hype around Digital Billboards in busy areas? Well these are much brighter and can be bigger than traditional billboards, definitely earning their price at night. In a city full of advertisements, LED billboards will stand tall above the rest.

Transportation Centre Advertising is not just unique, but is bound to grab people’s attention. In many airports and train stations you will see huge LED screens promoting products and services. These can be installed both internally and externally, being a weatherproof option which will certainly bring awareness.

Promotional Services at PMA Outdoors

The team of PMA Outdoors have a background in marketing and advertising, hence why we offer many different services. With the help of us, you will be able to effectively market your business in your preferred way. Thus, you will be able to get your advertising campaign off the ground without the hassle.

Our team will help consult, plan and design an advertisement which is set up to succeed. So, get in touch with our team immediately to begin your project.