How can advertising on a Digital Billboard in Bolton benefit your business?

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How can advertising on a Digital Billboard in Bolton benefit your business?

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In 2022, the use of technology continues to rise. Even in Towns like Bolton, we’re seeing an increase in digital advertising methods being favoured over the more traditional billboard options. And with good reason too. Opting to advertise on a Digital Billboard in Bolton comes with many benefits, so to make your decision easier for you, we’re here to highlight what really makes a Bolton Digital billboard campaign stand out.

How much more effective can a Digital Billboard be?

Advertisements can be seen everywhere you go. They can be found in newspapers, on the television, and even on the side of buses. However, not all forms of advertising are as successful and make as big of an impact as others. For example, approximately only 39% of consumers read a national daily newspaper, resulting in a small audience for any advertisements that may be printed inside. Whereas 87% of consumers have seen outdoor advertising in the last week alone.

It may also come as a surprise that studies have revealed that 71% of respondents thought that effective billboards capture viewers’ attention more than online advertising.

The benefits of billboard advertisements Bolton

With these statistics in mind, you might be thinking, what makes this method of advertisement so effective, so let us tell you why.

They’re Big, Bold, and Bright

A Digital Billboard in Bolton will have no trouble standing out. Thanks to their large, bright screens and eye-catching graphics, an advertisement campaign found on a digital billboard is hard to ignore. They capture the viewer’s attention with great ease and are sure to make a lasting impression. When placed in busy towns or cities, a digital billboard can grab the attention of thousands of passers-by in just one day.

Digital Billboards are free to passers-by

One thing that many businesses don’t consider is the fact that in order to view some forms of advertising, your audience has to make a purchase. As a result, billboards are a fantastic way to reach everyone regardless of their spending habits. For example, it costs nothing for a passer-by to view your campaign on a digital billboard, whereas newspapers, televisions, and radios cost people money, meaning not everyone will be exposed to your advertisement.

You can easily update your Bolton Digital billboard campaign 

Another advantage to digital billboards is the fact that they can be easily updated and changed when needed, unlike traditional billboards or other printed advertisements. This makes it much easier to run new campaigns, make adjustments and to keep up with the holidays or special events.

They’re more cost-effective

Contrary to what some may think, digital billboards are a very cost-effective way to get your brand’s message across. Due to the fact that you don’t have to pay for the cost of paper and the posting cost, a digital billboard can actually save you more money in comparison with a traditional billboard. What’s more, a digital billboard campaign is guaranteed to stay in better condition, unlike a traditional poster billboard, as it is a lot less likely to succumb to wear and tear.

Would you like to advertise on a Bolton Digital Billboard?

If you’re thinking a Bolton Digital billboard campaign is the next best move for your business, then contact our team at 0161 973 3972. We will be on hand to help you get your advertising campaigns up and running!